Machining of industrial ceramics

Production of screw conveyer, elevator: GINOP Subsidy

Production of screw conveyor, elevator and non-series machinery: GINOP Subsidy

Solditech Engineering and Financial Consulting Co.Ltd.has become entitled to a 50% value, 24.870.000 HUF contracted subsidy in the frame of ’GINOP-1.2.2-15-2015-00532 project for capacity enhancement of Solditech Co. Ltd. realised by assets procurement and online presentation’ resulting a successful application to the European Union. Production of screw conveyer, non-series machinery,  elevator           —                contact here!

In the frame of the project the following types of development were realised:

  • procurement of screw conveyer blade pressing machine
  • procurement of forklift
  • registration of a  domain name, a web hosting belonging to it and web design

Project completing date: 10 January 2017

Project identification number: GINOP-1.2.2-15-2015-00532.