Experimental product-developing reference works of Solditech Ltd.

In certain fields  of industry and agriculture in case of screw conveyor devices the bottom plate of the screw is a perforated screw during the selection of different fractions (crushed grains).
The size of perforation (e.g. bore diameter) and its location on the plane (e.g. bore-center distances on the plane x-y) should comply to individual needs.
Product documentation of the perforator has been prepared and according to this the equipment has been implemented by our company.
          Technical and operation data:

Maximum plate thickness: 2mm

Maximum plate size: 500mm x 500mm

Punching  rate: 5 bores/sec

Drive: with servo motor, ball-and-spool guided on the x-y plane

 Replacement of guide-pin and cutting board: bolt fastening in a seat

Control: MACH3

Quoted price of the device was 13,500,000 HUF+VAT



Product planning and implementation of a disc-bladed pipe cutting machine with CNC control.

Size cutting of steel tubes is done by a disc-bladed pipe cutting machine. The device is suitable  for cutting great-scale series. Feed-motion of pipes is executed by a feed-motioning mechanism.A fiber-feeder belongs to the equipment.

Fixation of buffers is done by displacement encoder, feed-motion control done with proportional pneumatic valves.  Fixing of workpiece with hydraulic cylinder.

Technical and operation data:

Maximum tube size: dn 100mm

Cutting disc-blade electrical motor utput: 2,2kW

Electricity need altogether: 4kW

Compressed air need: 50l/min

Output: 20-30 pieces/min

Control: MAC3 Quoted  price of the device was 6,700,000HUF+VAT



Product development works of conveyor screw mangler machine. Planning and production.

 Mangling of blades takes place from steel-plate strips.

Operation principle:

Tailored steel-plates are inserted between 2 tempered cones rotating opposite having 55 degrees bevel-angle.  Feed-motion of the steel-plate strip is done by rotating cones. – During its motion cold steel-plate yields, the steel plate arrives at the yield point. Due to this and to buffers placed to the suitable position, plates coming out of the rotating cones are made by a thread pitch fixed in advance. Screw blades with different thread pitch can be produced with this machine.

Technical and operation data:

Manglerable thickness of steel-plate: 1-3mm

Maximum plate width: 250mm

Electricity need: 15kW Quoted price of the device was: 8,600,000HUF+VAT